The story details

The unique things done by the MiKIDs has made many a child fall in love with English in many parts of the world.

MIKIDS Comprises of 3 Levels

Level 1
Level 2

The Package

MIKIDS comes as a comprehensive package which consists of

Multimedia software - MIKIDS provides interactive software to the school which ensures standardized quality delivery across all classrooms. With colourful and visually appealing characters, the programme leads the children through stories, songs, drama and rhymnes, thereby improving the child’s language skills in all areas of English learning.

Training Programme for the teachers

An extensive teacher training programme which is followed by periodic retraining and class observations.

Lesson plan – A well structured lesson plan helps the teachers in systematic delivery
Course material - Children will be provided 4 books which will be used as visual reminders of the programme
Certificate – After successful completion of the course (Level) every child will be awarded with a certificate

Equipping the teachers

The teachers will be trained on the ESL teaching methodology along with phonics, accent and syllable rules. Periodic retraining will be conducted to ensure quality and also to train the teachers who are joining fresh.

A Phonics Based
International Spoken English Programme

For Schools

In - LKG I UKG I Std1