Features & Benefits

No one is left behind. MIKIDS provides advantages for the children, the school and the teachers.

For Children

  • Gain confidence to converse in English at a young age
  • Learn to speak with proper intonation and pronunciation
  • Acquire strong vocabulary base of 2800 + words
  • Phonics helps the children become an independent reader
  • Helps in spelling

For Teachers

  • Get trained to teach English as per International Standards
  • Learn Phonic skills, Syllabication & Accent rules
  • Periodic retraining enhances knowledge & teaching skill
  • Get an excellent tool to handle classes efficiently
  • Lesson plans for objective based teaching
  • Can teach without mother tongue influence

For Schools

  • Ensure standardized delivery across all sections
  • Increase the teaching standards on par with international practices
  • Tackle teachers attrition effectively
  • Quality training & retraining for teachers, year after year ensure high quality teaching staff
  • Satisfied Parents – Happy Teachers
A Phonics Based
International Spoken English Programme

For Schools

In - LKG I UKG I Std1