Any and every question you might have about MIKIDS is answered here. Do take the time to read it.

What is Phonics ? Why is it important ?

Phonics is a method of teaching the sounds of English alphabet, which in turn helps the children to read and learn new words independently. By this approach, the children get the expertise to identify the various sounds, blend them together and read the word. Phonics skills are important to develop literacy skills. Children without phonics skills are often found to be struggling while reading.

Will this programme help children to speak in English ?

Certainly! Mikids programme is designed to make the child a fluent speaker and an independent reader. The children get an opportunity to listen to conversations and are encouraged to speak in the classroom through structured role-plays. The programme is designed to impart good pronunciation and intonation while speaking. The children also learn a large number of words which helps them build their vocabulary base and help them while speaking.

Our teachers are not trained. How will you train them?

Mikids Programme comes as a package which includes periodic training and re-training to the teachers. The teachers’ training is followed by classroom observations, to monitor the progress of the teachers and help them in effective implementation of the programme.

How many classes should we allocate per week ?

We strongly recommend a minimum of 5 classes per week for effective implementation of the programme.

Is it available across India?

Mikids programme is currently available in Tamilnadu, Andhra, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Can we see the demonstration of the programme?

We can arrange a free demo for you and your teachers in your premises . You can call the Regional Heads , whose contact details are provided in our website, and fix up an appointment.

Do you have a trial offer?

Yes we do have trial offer. Please do call our Regional Head or Corporate Office for further details.

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